It is a one component ink .It is most suitable for printing of textile materials made of cotton blend or cotton / synthetics. This ink makes intense coloristic with final matte effect on dark colored elastic and woven materials. This ink is free of Phthalates, PVC, APEO, etc. and enables working fully according to the regulations of ecology. The main feature is represented by its perfect performance during the printing, which are very similar to those of plastisol. This ink enables the use of fine screens (90-100 yarns /sm) of getting very precise prints characterized by great softness and elasticity. The ink does not dry on the screen and it can be washed with water only after several hours. Fixation: The fixing is done after drying at a temperature of 150 º C for 3 minutes, 4 minutes at 140 º C, 2 minutes at 160 º C; 1 minute at 170 ºC. Packaging: Plastic cans of 1kg, 6kg and 18kg. Storage: Keep it in a well closed original packaging at a temperature from 5º to 25º C.